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Why is it important? Businesses face the daily threat of data loss, accidental deletion, corruption, systems failures, internal and external threats, viruses and many more.

How would you deal with a disaster? Having a sound and tested backup strategy could save your business.

A sound backup strategy which is regularly tested is critical. Without it you risk data loss that could put the financial security of your business at risk and lead to days, weeks or even months of unwelcome upheaval.

Maybe your systems need to be highly available in the event of a disaster. How would you fail over and are these systems regularly tested?

Ridgeway IT have a range of on-premise and offsite cloud backup solutions for systems and data.

Using our solution design service we take the time to understand what systems and data you have, help you classify it by risk, importance and value. We consider your recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO) and then design appropriate solutions that align to your business continuity plans. We can support on-premise systems, infrastructure, end-points, cloud, Office 365 and much more. 

Disaster recovery

Disasters can take many different forms. It’s important in planning to identify how you would recover from a loss of data and/or systems. Disasters can effect businesses of all sizes. That is why we have put together a range of solutions tailored for busieness of any size.

We can deliver a business continuity and disaster recover solutions. If you have already made the infrastructure investment, have capacity and have good links to a DR site, an on-premise can be a good option. We’ll help you validate the viability with a free consultation.


Alternatively you can consider Disaster recovery as a service(DRaaS), storing and restoring backups from the cloud with a fully managed service. Achieve fast, flexible and secure failover to an off-site cloud repository with just a few clicks, whether an entire VM or a single file. Fully encrypted and compliant at each step.

There are a number of benefits to DRaaS over typical on premise solutions.​​​

  • Scalability – quicker, easier and cheaper to scale up and down. No building space constraints, impact on existing resources or additional capital investment needed​

  • Flexibility – with Ridgeway IT there is no lock into one server, database, operating system or network technology. Choose from recovery destinations for single files through to entire systems​

  • Security – monitored and protected we look after your data to ensure it is safe and encrypted​

  • Compliance – With the latest security measure we can demonstrate to auditors, regulators and your clients exactly where and how your data is stored, transmitted and protected​

  • Cost efficiency – Only pay for what you use, reduce the overhead on existing teams and the worry of managing it yourself. Incorporate the service into any one of our plans.

Offsite Backup

Ridgeway IT has partnered with Veeam to deliver Cloud Connect. Backed by our secure and compliant Microsoft Azure UK localised built platform we can quickly and easily host your backup data and replica jobs with a few simple clicks. Using the Veeam management console there is no separate interface, your data is protected at every step and you can maintain full control.

​Get your physical and virtual backups off site to a hosted cloud repository with complete visibility and end-to-end security.​

  • Off site – No need to invest and maintain a second site. We’ve invested in ours so you can easily and regularly transfer your offsite backups to our secure and compliant data centres​

  • Encryption – Choose to encrypt your data at rest, ensuring that every step from source to destination is secured and your data protected​

  • Ridgeway IT support – As an experienced provider we can help deploy and monitor the service, either as part of one of our flexible service plans or as an ad-hoc service. We take the overheads out of managing the backup infrastructure, saving you money and giving you peace of mind

Backups for Microsoft 365

But Microsoft backup my data? Right?


Many people assume Microsoft do. Some believe it is Microsoft’s responsibility. While there are a wide array of services within Microsoft 365 a comprehensive and intuitive backup of your data is not one.


With Veeam backup for Microsoft 365 we can protect your email, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Teams data.

  • Easy to deploy – We can have your data protected quickly and easily giving you peace of mind, visibility, and control when it comes to critical business data​

  • Easy to use – Accidental deletion, user errors, security threats and retention policy gaps are commonplace. With Backups for Office 365 you can get an easy to use overview and management of your backups

  • Safe and secure – Satisfy compliance regulators and auditors with evidence of your backup strategy and success. Easily demonstrate restoration and recovery of data from compliant data centres in minutes

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