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Supply & Maintain

With a department dedicated to procurement we can leverage our experience, buying power and access to exclusive distribution markets to bring you competitive pricing on a range of products.


We have invested in our relationships with top brand vendors giving us first hand access to hardware and software promotions and discounts that we can pass directly to you.

Service and advice

Delivering competitive pricing is only part of the story. Our procurement team are product trained and work closely with our engineering department to ensure you get the correct products, on time and at a great price. 

You can be assured we won't sell anything we've not tried or tested first. We cut through the marketing hype to provide impartial and honest feedback, ensuring you get solutions fit for purpose. You can then leave it to us to find stock from a range of international distribution channels at the best possible price.​

And if you have a problem we won't leave you in the lurch. That's why our procurement service is trusted by customers nationwide.

Whether you’re upgrading a desktop or planning an infrastructure project, we can help ensure you get the right parts at competitive prices. Furthermore, by leveraging our vendor relationships we can apply for special bid pricing, reserved for projects of a certain size and providing you with one off unique discounts.


With a solutions led focus our team are on hand when it comes to choosing the right products. We won’t recommend anything that we’ve not tried, tested or deployed, cutting through the marketing hype to really understand the pros and cons of each product.


We also offer trials and demos of many of our product lines, backed by vendor support and our own solutions team, giving you the confidence and reassurance to invest.


Maintenance plans

From desktop, laptops and printers to business-critical infrastructure, the case for a maintenance plan is a compelling one.


Either supplementing the manufacturer’s warranty or extending post warranty, we can offer a range of plans to protect your critical hardware and extend it's usable life. These can include a next day service on hardware such as multi-function printers and laptops through to servers, with engineers onsite with replacements parts on a 24*7 basis.​

Maintenance plans can provide the peace of mind, protection for your business critical services and we'll ensure you’re always maximising the return on your investment in an informed way.

Partnering with a registered business we can also offer a secure destruction service which involves hard disks (containing high value or high risk data) being destroyed onsite upon collection. The remaining hardware is then taken away for recycling, reducing the environmental impact of sending devices to landfill.

Further more we work with a number of charities who repurpose hardware for school or charity projects, giving it a second life and an opportunity to serve a new audience. 

PC Recycling

A handy service to securely and appropriately dispose of your un-wanted IT hardware.

There comes a time when it's no longer economically viable, supportable or even efficient to run aging hardware. Disposing of hardware in a secure and compliant way can be time consuming. We take the headaches out these tasks by auditing, identifying and removing confidential and personal data and preparing devices for recycling.

Data Cabling

Structured cabling is at the core and key to many data networks. Modern offices use this cabling to provide power and high bandwidth data connectivity to many devices such as phones, CCTV, door access control, laptops and desktops alike.​

Complementing our project delivery services we can provide dependable and reliable fiber and copper cabling for all environments including internal, external and multi-site.​

All of our cabling projects are delivered to a very high standard, sympathetic to the existing environment and sensitive to tenancy agreements and any likely dilapidations.​

Each project is scoped, fully costed and planned to minimize disruption. We can support office moves, repairs or modifications to existing networks and all of our work is tested and verified.

Proud to partner with:


From new products to renewals, we are here to help. Our solutions team will not only help identify the most suitable products to match your brief but also ensure you get full value from your investment and service plans by keeping your software updated with releases, feature improvements and bugs fixes.

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