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Why we are different

Offering more than a traditional IT support company and at competitive prices to match.

We'll show you how we're different and introduce you to any of our happy customers. 


  1. A highly skilled team of engineers and staff with international, Plc and experience of working with some of the world's leading brands.

  2. First time fix. We focus on ensuring the engineer who answers your request will see it through to a conclusion. No raising tickets, handing it off to another engineer or waiting hours for a call back. We aim to fix your issues promptly and efficiently first time.

  3. We offer more than traditional IT support companies. IT is very much a multi-disciplined business function and more than just IT support. We have the expertise across the board range of IT functions giving you the confidence we can provide a genuine full suite of IT services that you can call on as and when you need them.

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Judge us on how few calls you make not how many. That is a far better measurement of a successful IT function.


  1. Access to a multinational distribution market. We pass on the best pricing and back it up with our 5* support

  2. We don't employ large sales teams, middle managers or directors. This keeps us agile, small enough to care and means we can pass on the benefit of reduced overheads at competitive rates.

  3. We always respect the investment you've already made. With multi-brand experience we're happy to work with what we inherit and will never require you to change out systems at your expense. 

We always invite you to challenge us on cost.

We'll always strive to offer you the best deals possible.

Solutions first​

  1. We remain brand agnostic. Each solution, like our customers, is unique. Unlike some of our competitors, incentivised to sell a particular brand or focused on template solutions that make their job easier, we will only ever recommend affordable solutions that meet your needs.

  2. Technical account managers. Our team has an engineering back ground. We won’t sell a solution we haven't tested and deployed ourselves. That means we genuinely understand the pro's and con's and are able to provide the right advise, not as sales managers reading the suppliers marketing play books but as implementation experts.

  3. Cross sector insights. Though our experience we're able to propose solutions that other sectors might be using, introducing new ways of doing things and potentially giving you an advantage over your competition.

Customer Service is our top priority. To us it's a culture not a department.

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