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Managed business communications

Our streamlined business communication solutions are backed by technical staff who work from experience and knowledge rather than scripts.


We'll help you cut costs, open up next-generation unified solutions and boost productively.

Our objective is to make connectivity and internet solutions affordable, reliable and scalable. As more businesses move online, the need for quicker and more dependable internet access is clear. Bandwidth hungry services like email, web browsing, video & music streaming, video conferencing and cloud phone systems means providing available capacity and room to grow can be a challenge.


At Ridgeway IT we have access to a UK wide market from providers such as BT, TalkTalk Business, Virgin Media, City Fibre, Sky and Colt. A portfolio of competitively priced options with monthly and annual (free line installation) contracts provides for total flexibility and can be provisioned in a matter of days.


A big advantage of our service is that any public IP addresses allocated to your account can be moved between service providers at the end of your contract term. This ensures you can avoid being locked into a carrier or face time consuming configuration changes at the end of your initial term. It also means you're free to access the best possible market rates when the time comes.


We understand how critical the right service is. We’ll discuss your needs, the available options and leave you better placed to make the right choice.

Benefits of using Ridgeway IT

Some of the highlights of working with Ridgeway IT​

  • Calls answered by technical staff who can resolve your issue or questions quickly

  • A dedicated provisioning team who take the hassle and complexity out of installing new lines

  • Access to a UK wide network of operators and promtions, giving you greater choice and better pricing

  • Access to next generation services as soon as they become available

  • Truly unlimited broadband allowances. We don't use data limits

  • Optional fixed IP address available

  • IP addresses you can move between providers meaning more flexible options and pricing at the end of your contract term

  • Great customer service. We work for your benefit not the providers

Leased Lines

Leased lines are dedicated private connections that provide a secure, resilient and guaranteed bandwidth with a full range of upload/download speeds of up the extremely fast 10Gbps.

Leased lines are typically provisioned for internet access but can also be used to provide a private point to point link between two sites within a 25km radius.

They can also provide a level of flexibility, allowing you to scale up your bandwidth needs without the need to upgrade hardware or resend engineers.  

All of this is supported by Ridgeway IT’s 24/7 monitoring, customer service and provider backed enterprise service level agreements.


SD-WAN stands for Software-defined Wide Area Network and is considered a next generation MPLS network. MPLS networks are historically more expensive than traditional internet connections and typically allow enterprise business to run critical or high priority data via a private secure network back to their data centre. This becomes more complex when you start introducing international offices with costs being driven by 3rd parties and additional complexity.

Instead, SD-WAN overlays existing internet connections at no additional cost. Using the features of modern endpoint routers they organise and determine the best route for traffic to take between sites and back to the datacentre. Typically sites will have more then one connection with rules used to monitor and work out the best route for data to take.

SD-WAN gives control back to businesses through centralised management, visibility and allows you to quickly deploy new interconnects (even internationally), saving money and with secure networking at its heart.


What is it? FTTC has become common place and now connects many homes and businesses throughout the UK. It uses fibre optic cable in place of traditional copper to connect your local street cabinet back to a bigger telephone exchange close by. This allows for quicker variable download speeds up to 80Mbps but can be subject to factors that influence the true speed you can achieve.

G.Fast. This is a newer type of technology. Like FTTC it relies on existing copper connections between the local street cabinet and your office. It’s possible to achieve variable download speeds of up to 300Mbps but is only available to sites within 100-300 meters of the cabinet.

FTTP or Fibre to the Premises is, by comparison, rarer and relies on high-capacity fibre optic as a substitute for copper cable from the local cabinet. It runs directly to the building and as a result it’s possible to achieve 1Gbps+ speeds.


What is MPLS? MPLS is a networking technology and stands for Multi-Protocol Label Switching. It simplifies routing, control and can bring costs savings for businesses who need to connect multiple sites together.

It allows you to transfer data securely and efficiently between locations via a private network. An MPLS network can be created using a variety of different connection methods. Designed, monitored and managed by Ridgeway IT we can prioritise the path data takes for business applications and services (such as voice), which typically can’t tolerate delays when sending and receiving data.


In all cases we can discuss your requirements, recommend a product to suit your needs and delivery it at an affordable price.


ADSL2+ is still appropriate for areas of the country not yet upgraded to support next generation broadband technologies. ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is a technology used to deliver standard copper broadband products. It is designed to run over long copper cable lengths, sacrificing speed for distance. As a result the expected speeds you can achieve through ADSL and ADSL2+ are often a lot lower and more unpredictable than FTTC connections.


Ridgeway IT have recently partnered with leading cloud provider to offer Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) - NHS Digital access. Strictly controlled, an HSCN connection is a must for healthcare organisations seeking access to services and applications only available to this closed network. We can provide flexible connectivity that doesn’t require traditional fix line access. This avoids the long lead times for installation, the costs and inconvenience of running additional internet connection(s) and also reduce your options for competitively priced services at renewal. Instead our managed service overlays on top of your existing internet connection. This provides choice and flexibility at renewal time and disrupts a market previously dominated by a few select profit focused providers.


Wireless business broadband is perfect for businesses struggling with slow connection speeds. As an alternative to ADSL2+ it uses fixed point to point airborne communication to send broadband signals. Wireless fibre is ideal for businesses in rural areas, offering fast and reliable speeds at an affordable price.


Like FTTC, Ethernet over FTTC (EoFTTC) uses the existing copper infrastructure that carries fibre broadband between the local street cabinet and your building. The main difference vs FTTC and FTTP is that it is a business focused product and delivers an uncontended service (guaranteed speed) backed by provider service level agreements.

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