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Regulators, standards councils and compliance bodies often require businesses to conduct regular reviews and testing of their environments. Certification validates your credibility and can demonstrate to prospective customers your commitment to secure data management.

Sometimes these requirements can be over whelming. Understanding what they mean, how to interrupt them for your business and how you might mitigate against the escalating costs of achieving compliance can be daunting.

Whatever your objective we offer a range of services for business large and small designed to help you achieve compliance. 

The correct advice upfront can save thousands of pounds in lost time, mis-understandings or re-assessments.

By conducting a Ridgeway IT pre-assessment you can cut lead times, reduce risk and identify areas of improvement that will ensure you can meet your objectives quicker and achieve better outcomes.

Penetration testing

Regular penetration testing is often one of the requirements to achieving certifications.

Conducted by accredited companies, a penetration test is a simulated and controlled attack against your website, application or network in order to try and ethically identify weaknesses that could be exploited by a bad actor. The objective is to identify remedial work that will further improves your security posture before it is identified and mis-used.

Ridgeway IT has partnered with a multi-national and highly accredited provider to offer our customers such services. Engagements are conducted by skilled professionals and all works are fully scoped, conducted and reported to meet your project objectives.

Cyber Essentials, PCI DSS and ISO 27001 readiness reviews

Ridgeway IT offer certification and compliance readiness reviews. For businesses starting out it can seem like a minefield, overwhelming and with little scenario specific information available to help you make any real progress.

We'll help you prepare and guide you through an assessment. We'll help identify policy and procedure weaknesses, use our technical teams to validate infrastructure, bring clarity to the questions being asked and help you understand what you might expect from an assessor.

We can even help on next steps and assist in remediation, such that you can avoid costly and time consuming mistakes that delay you achieving your accreditations.

IT Auditing and Mergers & Acquisition assessments

Having a detailed understanding of your IT environment is key to being able to manage, maintain and achieve the best return on your investment.

We carry out full audits for new clients as a matter of course. This provides invaluable insights, identifies areas for improvement or vulnerability and informs better decision making. It also provides a bench mark for future assessments, allowing us to deliver a measurable program of improvements, documented and monitored at each stage.


We also offer this same helpful service for businesses needing a documented assessment of their infrastructure, offering peace of mind and actions they can then take forward. Our audits are often the focus of mergers and acquisition work, helping purchasers to better understand risk and preparing sellers for a smoother sales process. The audits are conducted by one of our highly trained engineers, fully scoped, with an assessment onsite and/or remotely.

Contact us today to understand what is included in our standard assessments and further examples of the value these assessments provide.

Cyber Insurance assessments

With the advent of more sophisticated threats against business or all sizes, the insurance industry has reacted by providing cyber insurance products to help businesses. 


Cyber insurance helps to protect your business against a variety of digital risks by supporting you financially if you experience a damaging network event such as a cyber-attack. Also known as cyber liability insurance, this commercial cover is designed to react quickly to malware attacks, hacking events and electronic data breaches by funding investigation and reimbursing losses.

However, as you might expect they require you to achieve a certain level of compliance as not to invalidate a policy. Buying the policy can be the easy bit, making sure you're fully covered if you need to call on the policy can be harder.

We offer cyber insurance assessments and it could save you thousands. Our assessments will review the policy expectations, report and suggest remediation steps and will ensure you can demonstrate to your provider that you understood the technical small print and can't be attributed to negligence. 

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