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Small Businesses

Delivering experienced, friendly and honest IT support for small businesses. Our team of experts are on hand to provide support and guidance when you need it most.


From helping ambitious start-ups identify and then implement the right solutions to helping accelerate growth by advising small business owners on how to get the best from their IT in a changing landscape.

A tailored approach for businesses of 1-15 people

Through our flexible proactive service and support plans you can tap into our broad range of technical expertise and years of industry experience. We can provide a 'full stack' of services, from IT support right through to interim management, strategy and compliance. This gives you peace of mind that you're choosing a provider with the scope and skills to deliver. 

Our advice and support is always tailored for your business. No expensive enterprise solutions, long term tie-ins or commitments. We'll always provide clear and understandable advice, deliverable development plans and at competitive prices. 

We complement our offering with a range of managed services. From leased lines to managed backups we can help you simplify your management overheads, let you focus on your business without compromising on cost.

Success Story

Hobbs of Henley

Based in the riverside market town of Henley-on-Thames, Hobbs of Henley has over 150 years of boating experience. From self-drive to private charters, Hobbs of Henley is a family run business offering a range of boating experiences on the historic river Thames.


Responding to daily IT challenges, Managing Director Jonathan Hobbs sought to identify a reliable and trusted IT partner to support their immediate business needs, conduct a review and help identify opportunities to help the business serve staff and customers more efficiently.

Why Ridgeway IT

Hobbs of Henley approached Ridgeway IT to address immediate concerns about inconsistent levels of support and to conduct a review of their systems setup, convinced they could be working more efficiently.

From the initial meeting Ridgeway IT spent time understanding the business, customer touch points, challenges and the longer-term business objectives, all key points in providing informed qualified advice.

Impressed as much by Ridgeway IT’s honest approach as their ability to provide clear, easy to understand and informed guidance, Hobbs of Henley appointed Ridgeway IT as their IT support provider.

Ridgeway IT have transformed our system set up to not only making us incredibly secure but also allowing us to work more efficiently. Their support is just at the end of the phone and are able to fix problems remotely in no time at all, plus their monthly visits are very helpful for any bigger issues. They create quick solutions for any IT problems within our business making us feel reassured and supported 24/7.

Suzy Hobbs

HR and Business Development Manager

Successfully appointed

We began by conducting a thorough technical systems audit and produced a documented report, identifying areas of business risk as well as opportunities to modernise systems in response to their short term and longer-term objectives.

Post review we produced a prioritised schedule of improvements and cost savings. In conducting the audit we were able to address one of their immediate concerns and provide a visibility and ownership the business felt they had been missing. Reassured by our methods and capability we have since completed an email and document migration, improved network and endpoint security and delivered a fibre broadband upgrade.

Success story

Hobbs were equally impressed both by our proposals and by how we work in partnership with our customers. Backed by customer reviews we’re committed as much to reliable support as we are to finding solutions to our customers daily challenges. We continue to help Hobbs of Henley evolve, protect and support their systems.


Don’t judge us on how many calls you make to us, judge us on how few you make. That’s a much better way to validate a reliable, dependable and frictionless IT system.

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