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1. Discovery

At the beginning of any brief, whether it be for support and consultancy we take the time to understand your business, your requirements and your expectations. This provides a basis from which to provide qualified recommendations and set out the measurable steps that lead to successful conclusions.

From these discovery sessions evolves a project or delivery plan. This includes a series of measurable deliverables that provide the basis for execution and project control.

2. Monitor

Once we have onboarded you with Ridgeway IT we’ll monitor your systems, part of our proactive approach to maintenance. We’re alerted to changes in your systems so you can be reassured that we’re quickly working on fixes, mitigating issues before they become a problem and responding quickly before they escalate.

3. Measure

Measuring is important tool in providing insights. We have a number of pre-dined key performance indicators that we use to track changes in your environment. This hands on proactive approach allows us to spot trends, providing guidance on how to mitigate against issues and address them before they suddenly become a problem.

This is very different to a reactive service that only responds when you’re already having an outage, responding to a data breach or when a business critical system is already down. Further delays only compound issues. Our focus is preventing it getting to that point. Your system availability is our biggest concern.

4. Review

None of the measures are relevant unless we’re able to spend the time reviewing the output with you.

Our technical account managers keep you informed with priority updates and schedule regular review meetings. This ensures we continuing to meet your objectives and deliver the customer services we’ve become trusted for.

We take the same systematic approach to project delivery as we do to onboarding and supporting new customers, understanding, planning and continually monitoring progress to meet your business objectives and priorities.


We believe that both should be frictionless, working in partnership to achieve the right outcomes and where IT enables rather than hinders how you work.

Ridgeway IT are extremely trustworthy and get the job done. They are a very professional organisation and have always been willing to help, no matter what the problem. They are very capable technically, but have always adopted a commercial approach. We have worked with them for years and in all that time they have not let us down once and we don't believe they ever will!

How we work

Your IT should work for you, enabling you achieve your objectives and not hindering them. We are focused on delivering reliable and dependable business systems.​

In order to deliver such a service a consistent, controlled and methodical approach to delivery is needed.

We do this by following 4 core principles when engaging with new customers, providing them the confidence and reassurance in our approach. At each stage we cover more detail using our vast industry experience, documentation and methodology to deliver great short-term and long-term results. 

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