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Four in ten businesses reported a cyber attack or breach in the latest UK government survey.


It is important put in place the appropriate tools, services and training that will improve your security posture, clearly identify and mitigate threats and protect your business.

Threats and the techniques used are continually evolving. They can originating from outside and even inside your business. It’s important to understand the likely motives of a threat actor and for this reason each security solution should be tailored to the needs of the customer.

Data breaches, reputational brand damage, downtime and regulatory fines are some of consequences of a poorly though through and implemented strategy.​

At Ridgeway IT we understand these challenges and offer a range of products, solutions and services to help protect against the most damaging of events.

Endpoint protection

A critical line of defence. It’s important to protect your endpoints (laptops, desktops, servers etc.) from the constant and daily threats they are exposed to. A good anti-virus product that protects against Ransomware and detects malicious activity should be considered a minimum.​

Our endpoint products extend to device encryption, controlling usb devices (a common source of threats and data leakage), application control, web control and data loss prevention.

In a businesses where these devices are often used remotely it is also important to be able to manage, report, monitor, update polices and act on alerts, confident you have the visibility you need.


We offer a range of products that operate across platforms such as Windows, Apple, Android and Linux devices so you can consolidate and simplify management irrelevant of your devices or operating systems.

Email security and continuity

Email is still considered the most important business communication tool today. As a result it is also often the first target for attacks. A sound email security and continuity strategy is key.


At Ridgeway IT we offer solutions for cloud and on-premise environments. Complementing our email security analysis service we offer Microsoft 365 and on-premise solutions that enhance standard 'out of the box' protection by preventing sophisticated attacks.


We inspect, filter and block malware, viruses, spoofing and phishing attempts as well as inspect content like attachments and links to ensure you’re protected against the threats that originate from emails.

Firewall and perimeter network security is the first line of defense for office and cloud networks. They not only protect internal devices from the world wide web but play a pivotal role in securing and permitting remote access.

With more and more staff working away from the office granting secure access to their network is a high priority for many businesses. Which devices can connect?, How do you ensure access is more secure then a simple username and password? What resources do users need to access when they connect?, Is this the same for all users? How many users need to connect concurrently? Just some of the questions we routinely ask when we design and scope the correct solutions for our customers.

The next generation firewall products we offer are configured, deployed, maintained and monitored to ensure uptime and come with a range of complementary services that can further protect on-premise resources for access by staff and customers remotely. 

We’d be happy to demo and explore the available options, setting you on the right path to a dependable solution and peace of mind.

Firewall and web filtering


We offer a range of interactive and engaging courses, continually refreshed and designed to keep users up to date with the latest threats.


Delivered in person in flexible and manageable sessions, the training provides guidance and advice that will protect users in the workplace and at home. This instills confidence to spot suspicious threats, raise concerns and keep your business protected.


No security provision is complete without considering user education. The threats and techniques being used continually evolve and so it’s important that users know what to look for and can spot suspicious activity.


An education programme is a useful tool and, complemented with the right solutions, can greatly enhance protection for your business.

It is also often a requirement for statutory bodies or regulators that users undergo regular training. Maintaining compliance ensures you operate to the highest standards, instilling confidence with your customers that you take security seriously.

We offer a range of informative and engaging educational programs that will protect staff and work and at home, giving them the tools to spot trouble before it becomes an issue.

The dark web is where a lot of compromised and stolen data ends up. The dark web, a network for communicating and conducting business anonymously, is often when criminals trade your data for financial gain.

Often you won’t even know your data has been leaked. It's likely to include personally identifiedable information, financial or credit card data or usernames and passwords that could be used in follow up attacks.

We offer a product that will regularly scan the dark web for your email address or company domain (unique to you or your business), reporting what has been detected and the likely source. This provides you with reassurance, giving you the opportunity to change passwords, investigate any suspected breaches and contact the authorities.

Dark web scanning
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Phishing Simulations

Either purchasing separately or in conjunction with a Ridgeway IT security awareness programme, phishing simulations are a great tool to help educate users and provide additional support before your business is compromised.


A proactive tool which is regularly updated, the simulations employ the same tactics that criminals use but instead innocently record the results of the campaigns so you can better assist and educate staff to spot phishing attempts.

With 100's of templates to choose that look like they originate from well known companies and government bodies our service will help highlight the staff being tempted to follow unqualified links and present an unique opportunity to provide them with further support before it's too late. 

Get in contact with us today or take advantage of the free trial opportunity below.

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