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Managed Infrastructure

The backbone of many organisations. Infrastructure broadly covers core server environments, networking, and software. With years of international experience, we have deployed, supported and managed 100's of global networks for our customers.

Managing your infrastructure can be a full time job. Simplifying and consolidating networks can be a great way to save time and provide greater visability.

The right solutions can address some of the common challenges we're often asked to solve.


  • Are your devices monitored for performance and up time?

  • Are your devices  regularly patched and conform to vendor approved configurations?

  • Are your devices secure and compliant?

  • Do you have backup configurations for your devices?

  • Are your devices in warranty and protected against failure?

At Ridgeway IT we have a proven track record of helping businesses protect their investment, delivering health checks and improving system availability.


Co-location or 'Colo' refers to the renting of physical space in a data centre to house or co-locate your own servers and networking equipment.

We offer a range of flexible managed co-location services. Hosted nearby in Berkshire, our highly secure tier3+ data centre delivers 2(N+1) throughout, is carrier neutral, offers 99.99% uptime and is backed by a 24/7/365 manned network operations centre.

Data centres are a great option for businesses that need to maintain in-house systems which are not suitable for cloud migration or, for security and compliance reasons, are required to be housed in a secure, accredited and highly available facility. Replicating a similar setup onsite is not economically viable and would be impracticable to replicate .

Ridgeway IT can help scope your space, power and inter-connectivity requirements and assist in the migration and ongoing support, ensuring minimal disruption to your business services.

Customers who have taken up this option realiased that replicating Data Centre services onsite is not economically viable, restricts their ability to easily move office and costs more to maintain highly-available environments. Others have considered co-location a good option for their hybrid digital strategy, moving their business critical applications to a highly available facility and reducing on their onsite dependancies.

As a practical alternative to cost intensive cloud hosting, we can extend the life of your investments by hosting your physical, virtual or core networking in one of the UK’s award winning, highly compliant and most energy-efficient sites.


Contact us today to explore the benefits and the peace of mind Ridgeway IT’s co-location offerings can bring.

Cloud Managed Devices

The advent of cloud device management has opened up opportunities for IT teams to look at how they manage multi-site infrastructure hardware. With a single platform it’s possible to gain visibility, quickly configure and remotely manage devices from a single view 24*7. This aids diagnostics, deployment and reduces the need for remote hands at the branch office.

Offered as part of our standard service plans we can deploy, manage and pro-actively monitor systems from suppliers such as Meraki, Ubiquiti and Datto Networking. Each with unique benefits, we can help identify the providers and their products that will be suitable for your business needs, then design and configured them to match your needs.

From global Wi-Fi estates (indoor, outdoor and mutli-environment deployments) to routers, switches and firewalls. Each can be cloud managed reducing complexity, overheads and the dependency on highly skilled teams.

Call us today to discuss options and how cloud managed infrastructure could make a difference to your business.

HCI (Hyper converged infrastructure)

Virtualisation is the process of taking the resources of a standard physical machine and, using software, reallocate those resources to run multiple virtual machines on the same hardware. This creates efficiency, cost savings and allows for dynamic relocation of performance to meet workload demands.

Those familiar with virtualisation will know that in a typical deployment there is still a dependency on physical storage and networking. HCI takes virtualisation one step further by applying the same principles to create software defined storage and networking.

It then becomes possible to have each of the elements packaged into a single piece of unified hardware rather than separate physical compute, network and storage. If you need more capacity you can simply expand by adding a new host.

This typically sees a huge performance gain, reduces the physical space needed for hardware and gives greater control and visibility through intuitive management tools. This creates less operational pinch points between service functions (networking, security, provisioning departments) of larger IT teams, instead simplifying operations by creating flexible opportunities for self-service and reducing the total cost of ownership.

As VMware accredited partners our HCI qualified engineers are able to demonstrate the benefits HCI can bring to your business. Call us today to review HCI or request a demonstration.

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