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Medium Businesses

Our team of committed engineers and managers work daily with some of the country's most successful businesses.


We help business provide capacity for their day to day operations, guide and advise on industry best practice and help them shape their technology solutions to meet their current and future needs.

Flexible resources, support and services for businesses of 15-250 people

We take the time to understand your business, your challenges and work with in-house IT managers or teams to provide flexible cover and support.

For in-house teams we provide pro-active maintenance and support, a helpful qualified escalation point for issue resolution and technical project assistance. We also offer outsourced options for those looking to consolidate IT services, or parts of, with a cost effective and trusted partnership.

By building partnerships we achieve a core understanding of your business and systems. This ensures we're ready to help when you need us and reducing risk in your business. ​

Our advice and support is always tailored, with our flexible plans designed around your needs.​

We complement our offerings with a range of competitively priced managed services. From leased lines to managed backups, we can help you further simplify your supplier management overheads without compromising on cost.

Success Story

Courtside Hubs CIC

Bringing people together. Courtside CIC is the trading company behind successful brands such as Premier Tennis, Growing the Game and The Coffee Shed. Their ambition is to encourage people to be active. In partnership with councils and local stakeholders they drive footfall to parks and local recreational facilities to drive increased engagement in a range of activities that enhance good health and mental well-being.


From inception Courtside were looking for a multi-disciplinary IT partner. A company not just restricted to traditional IT support but a team who could guide and proactively advise the business on common growth challenges and with the demonstratable experience.

A desirable attribute for a prospective IT provider was a proven track record of aiding businesses of all sizes and posing solutions that would aid the company's ambitious plans.

Why Ridgeway IT

Courtside approached Ridgeway IT and after honest and helpful discussions about our objectives it became clear that Ridgeway IT had the demonstrable capability to support the business through its anticipated growth phase.

Jeff Hunter, Cheif Executive, was impressed by the time taken, the questions posed and the genuine interest in the plans for the business. With a personable approach and the technical experience to deliver Jeff was sure he had the right partners for Courtside.

Ridgeway IT have been great to work with. Their support is always responsive and polite, and their ability to resolve issues is consistently efficient. But, more than that, they offer us proactive technical advice, they have supported and successfully delivered numerous projects, and have helped us realise new business opportunities with their innovative solution design. We wouldn't be without them in our corner. Highly recommended.

Jeff Hunter

Cheif Executive

Successfully appointed

We began by establishing a technical framework which the business could build on, proposing affordable applications that would help an initially young business to scale as required. Courtside’s growth now encompasses a portfolio of four brands which together look after over 65,000 unique customers and leverages technology to manage and deliver efficient operations.

In tandem with their technology partners Ridgeway IT hosts the businesses scalable platforms, has separately deployed a multi-site wireless solution and migrated them to a cloud hosted telephone system that allows the workforce to operate seamlessly between office, home and in-field locations.

Success story

Since launch the business has enjoyed rapid growth, accounting for over 2.5m active hours and counting. This dedicated commitment to improving participation in Tennis, as well as many other activities, means Ridgeway IT are proud to support Courtside CIC with consistently available technical expertise allowing the organisation to better deliver its growth strategy.


Don’t judge us on how many calls you make to us, judge us on how few you make. That’s a much better way to validate a reliable, dependable and frictionless IT system.

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