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Public Sector

Working with public sector organisations, healthcare bodies, schools, multi-academy trusts and colleges, our specialist division are available to help.


We can ensure you gain real value for money from your IT, respecting the investments you've already made and bringing our multi-sector experience to meet the evolving expectations of users and stakeholders in an often cost sensitive environment.

Supplying public sector, healthcare and education services with compliant and cost efficient solutions.

Our range of services are tailored around your needs and typically includes regular and proactive maintenance visits. These are designed to highlight issues and ensure you're protected against evolving threats and rapidly changing IT pressures.

Our team of experts are on hand to provide guidance and direction with tailored and measurable development plans, ensuring your IT responds the way you need it to both today and in the future.

As a partner with a number of major brands and with access to a wide wholesale distribution market we're able pass on the best educational and public sector pricing to ensure you get the best return on your investment.

We regularly work with in house teams to provide backup and cover. Often as an extension of your team we provide a reassuring service for validating projects scopes or supporting high impact system changes.

Success Story

Mayfield Clinic

Founded in 2009, Mayfield Clinic has established itself as a premier independent healthcare service. Initially delivering a unique multi-disciplinary service to the Oxfordshire area they have recently expanded nationwide with a network of private gerneral practices.


In 2015 the business undertook a review of their IT services and support provision. Dissatisfied with the amount of time if took the incumbent provider to respond to requests, they felt it would only hinder their ambition to grow the practice and commitment to take an industry leading role in developing technical solutions to the challenges faced by the private general practice market.

Why Ridgeway IT

After a successful tender response Ridgeway IT were able to succinctly demonstrate our capability as a service provider. They were particularly taken by our approach to support and our long history of advising and delivering technically led solutions, something that would be valuable in fulfilling their growth strategy.

Ridgeway IT place an emphasis on dealing with support issues when first contacted. Unlike our competitors we do this by rotating our senior engineers through the service desk and so Mayfield Clinic could be assured that when they called their issues would be resolved promptly, efficiently and first time.

I wanted to message to say one cost I will not be trimming is your Ridgeway fees – we will close before we stop paying them. Thank you for all you do for us. It is some of the best value expenditure on our P&L.

Amanda Northridge

Clinical Director

Successfully appointed

Since the beginning of the relationship Ridgeway IT quickly identified areas to professionalise their network and improve security in what is a highly regulated sector. With experience in areas of compliance and governance we were able to provide policy guidance and after agreement install affordable technical solutions to meet the expectations of regulators. We continue to monitor and support the business with regular maintenance checks, unlimited support, which are pivotal in a critical setting such as healthcare.

As the private practice evolved, they established a sister company, Hero Health. A software as a service organisation developing booking, payment and technical solutions for the private sector.

Success story

Today we are pleased to support and advise both businesses in their industry leading endeavours. Both have been pleased that as a provider we regular deliver more than a traditional IT support company. Our enterprise experience has been an important resource for them to tap into and our commitment to affordable solutions has bought un-measurable value to both businesses.


Don’t judge us on how many calls you make to us, judge us on how few you make. That’s a much better way to validate a reliable, dependable and frictionless IT system.

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